About Us

Kate Moyer is the creator and author of the ABC’s of Happy; she is also a seasoned yoga therapist, meditation, and mindfulness teacher. 

Kate Moyer ABCs of Happy inspirational products livingKate's business was born out of a dream to help spread the message of the importance of being in the moment - and slowing down to find peace. Such mindfulness has had a profound affect on Kate's own life, so she believes deeply in its power. 

Something you should know about Kate is that she is a DEEP sleeper and she NEVER remembers her dreams. But, this question of how she could put all the things she’s learned from mindfulness together into one place to share with people on a larger scale must have been mulling around in her head, because, one night in April 2014, she awoke in the middle of the night and - in a sleepy haze - thought, “I could put all of my mindfulness ideas in a box and call it the ABC’s of Happy!” Thank goodness that, even in her haze, Kate made some notes, because, the next morning, she only had a small inkling that she'd awoken that night. Her precious notes later fueled the creation of the ABC's of Happy. (And it only took her seven months of battling fears and slowly gaining confidence to put her message out there. The first ABC’s of Happy was introduced in November 2014. 

Meet Zachary Garvey. At age 8, Zachary wanted to help write the original ABC’s of Happy. But when he quickly realized that the adults wanted to handle things, he went off and wrote his own version. Asking for little help from anyone, Zachary created the ABC’s of Happy for Kids! Thanks to his wise heart, quirky sense of humor, and gifted and creative mind, the ABC’s of Happy for Kids holds a message any child and family can benefit from.

We also want to introduce you to our adorable and lovable mascot, Happy Henry! He spreads happy wherever he goes!





Each ABC's of Happy box is hand-crafted in Franklin, Tennessee. We hand-wrap each box and sign each instruction card, so you feel the care and attention that goes into each and every gift. Please forgive any slight imperfections and remember, just like every one of us, it's the bumps, scrapes and bruises that make each hand-made product so unique.

We hope you enjoy your box (or other ABC's of Happy inspirational product), and we'd love it if you shared your unique experience with us!




My kids call the ABC's of happy, the happiness box. They look forward to starting each and every morning by getting to choose a letter that means something to them. They alternate each day and totally keep track! The cards always set just the right tone for the day. Remembering to breathe in loving kindness, not expect perfection, and be thankful and grateful is a powerful way to send them off into this intense world that we live in! I also bought the ABC's of happy for my mom who was just widowed, my best friend who is a single working mom, and for 3 other close friends. Each of them use the box every single day and we all enjoy talking about what letter we got that day. Kate's creativity and insight are profound! These cute boxes are the perfect birthday present, housewarming present, new baby present or "just because" present for anyone you love, or for yourself especially!

- Jennifer T.

I originally bought the ABCs of Happy as a gift, but ended up keeping it for myself! Each letter reminds me of all that is possible. I've started reading these whimsical little cards of wisdom aloud with my 9 year old granddaughter. What great conversation starters! Through these unique little boxes, Kate has created an artistic and practical way to connect with our true selves - which leads to happiness! I love my ABC box!

-Julie C.

Often it's difficult for me to see I'm going about life in circles and this makes me feel disconnected from people. A simple shift in perspective opens my eyes to what is sitting right before me that I've been covering up with some silly idea. The ABC's of Happy has been a great tool to help open my eyes! Each card has an in depth description of it's main focus, easily relatable to my own life. The ABC's of Happy has been a wonderful experience and I'm finding that no matter how many times I go back to any one card, my experience is different every single time!

- Melissa K.

First of all, this exquisite, custom-designed box makes me happy when I see it sitting on my coffee table. But that is just the beginning. Inside this beautiful creation are words of wisdom from "Acceptance" to "ZZzzzzs (sleep)". Each card is mounted on pretty paper. One can use these to for a meditation practice, for comfort, or just to read and each card stands by itself as something very important to consider in our lives. Sometimes I just reach in a pick one for my meditation and it is like inviting my mind, body and soul to experience something Sacred. These make wonderful gifts and should be on Oprah's Favorite Things for sure. My husband and I are going to use these as part of our Lenten Discipline.

- Gail W.