Work with Kate


Yoga Therapy for Body
Whether it’s a pain that needs to be addressed or a desire to feel stronger and more open in your body, this session focuses on balancing the structure of the body. You’ll learn to listen to and feel into the body’s guidance, so you can move into - or return to - a place of balance.

Pricing: $80 per 1-hour session
Online sessions also available on Zoom. (split into 2 -  30 min. sessions)

Yoga Therapy for Mind
This session focuses on acknowledging the mind, instead of reacting to it. You will learn skills to calm the mind and practice relaxation techniques. This will help you connect your mind and body, so you live less in your head and more from your heart.

Pricing: $80 per 1-hour session
Online sessions also available on Zoom. (split into 2 -  30 min. sessions)


Small group sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of participants.

2 people: $90 per 1-hour session
3-5 people: $100 per 1-hour session

Self-Care for Caring Professionals
1 hour of gentle stretching, breathing, and guided relaxation from a chair.

Pricing: $15 per person (5-person minimum)

Mind-Body Connection Group
1-hour educational workshop on how to be present in the body and why it’s necessary for deep healing.

Pricing: $15 per person (5-person minimum)

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