Online Meditation Community

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This is an ongoing meditation/relaxation class led by Yoga Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Kate Moyer.

The class will take place every other Sunday evening at 8 p.m. CT on Zoom.  After purchasing your class, you will receive an email with your invitation to the private class on Zoom. 

I strongly encourage you to make the 3-month commitment as it is the best pricing option and you will see the greatest results when you practice consistently. 

The class will start with gentle stretching in the neck and shoulders to help release the tensions you've collected throughout the week. We will then move into a breathing practice and then a guided meditation with some moments of quiet throughout the practice. This will help train your mind to be in the present moment which relieves stress and helps you reconnect to your body for a greater feeling of harmony. 


Each session will have a theme. Our current theme is: Be Open 


Single Session: put the date you want in the 'notes' section at check out

2 Sessions: put the dates you want in the 'notes' section at check out

3 Month Commitment: Your 90 days will start at the next scheduled session not the date of purchase

Having a consistent meditation/relaxation practice is extremely important and doing it in a community is even better! 

Please join me in letting go of the stresses from the previous week and doing something to make Monday's great again. :)

* If ever a class is canceled you will receive an email with a notice and the option of a refund or an invitation to join the re-scheduled class at a later date.